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Collection: Cute Cake Party Packs

Collection: Cute Cake Party Packs

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Have you been given the task of organising the office birthday parties or are having a small gathering? Are you stressing about getting what everybody wants-needs-likes but don't want to have too much leftover? Then .. Oh-My-Gosh, your life just got a whole lot easier with these divine party packs

These precious little packs will save your life. Not only will you impress your guests with the delicious selection of deliciousness to appease everybody's taste buds, but also how gorgeous will they look all displayed on the table, you'll look like a legend!

All you need to decide is which design you like best.

The Cute Cake Party Pack includes:

 Main cake: A gorgeously decorated delightful size (half-height) main cake ... Let's face it without the cake it's just a meeting...  this will serve 5-8, depending on how generous you are with your servings. 

Mini cupcakes: 7 of them. These cute-as-a-button, bite-size vanilla cuppies will complement the design of the main cake.

Macarons: 4 mouthwatering morish macarons... these will be the first to go, so make sure you're ready to pounce on them.  

Hazelnut Kisses: 4 light sweet meringues canoodling together with rich chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnut crumble. 


Easy Peasy, all in one pack !!

Oh.. then after the party, sit back and enjoy the praises for being the party-planning queen, that you are 👑 .