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Cake flavours

Cute Cakes and Co - cake flavours

Cake Flavours

Chocolate Mud Cake 

If you have a craving for a slice of chocolate cake heaven, our mud cake is your cure. With it's rich moist layers, it is lighter than most mud cake, (because we add extra free range eggs and buttermilk to keep it dreamy) then accompanying with the velvety milk chocolate buttercream, you'll be in cake love. 

 Chocolate Mud Cake - Cute Cakes and Co at Caxton Street, Brisbane


Light Vanilla Butter Cake
Our most popular cake flavour is this light buttery, oh-so fluffy vanilla cake. This cake will melt-in-your-mouth with its airy texture and the vanilla flavour will transport you straight back to your nana's kitchen.  

 Light Vanilla Butter Cake - Cute Cakes and Co at Caxton Street, Brisbane


 Cinnamon Sugar Tea Cake with Jam

This cake is sooo scrum-didilly-umptious, you'll be on the sweet side of paradise when you devouring it !!

Okay....Think cinnamon sugar covered donuts or churro, then add it to moist, fluffy cake and oh-my-goodness delicious raspberry jam (the kind you'd get on your cream bun when you were a kid) wrap it all in velvety Italian buttercream and ✨ Voila ! ✨ you have a new favourite celebration cake. 

Cinnamon Sugar Tea Cake with Jam - Cute Cakes and Co at Caxton Street, Brisbane 


*Gluten-Free Salted Caramel

This is so many regular clients' favourite cake (including our graphic designer) ,  that just happen's to be gluten free (even though she's not gluten intolerant). believe me, if you didn't read it in the title you'd never know it was a gluten free cake. 

This cake is perfectly balanced with the pinch of salt to adjust the sweetness of the caramel. So moor-ish, your friends and family will be lining up for seconds. 

*Whilst extreme care is taking, please note that we also have flour on our premises and therefore cannot guarantee it will be it will be 100% gluten-free.  


   Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Cake - Cute Cakes and Co at Caxton Street, Brisbane

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