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Sizes and Serving

Sizes and Serving

How big are your cakes and how do I cut it up ? 

This is a great question, and often ask so..... We offer three different diameter sizes.

Most of our cakes are 15cm tall with four layers of the freshest, moistest, delicious cake and three layers of smooth, velvety Italian buttercream filling.

With the exception of a Karen, Melissa and Aubury these are three layers of cake and two fillings, (10cm tall).

This height is before we add the decoration, so they can be quite tall. 

Delightful which serves 5-10* guests is 12.5 cm in diameter
Marvellous which serves 15-20* is 15cm in diameter
Wondrous which serves 20-25* is 18cm in diameter 


When it comes to cutting your cake up to get the appropriate amount of serving - We have you covered 😊.

The serve sizes are a party size serves.... which means not as big of slice as you get for a dessert on a plate but not as small as you would get at a wedding in those little bags. In-between... like you would eat with your fingers with a serviette.  

We'll supply you with a QR code with a link to a "How to cut up your cake" video. You'll impress your guest with your newfound skills, to cut up your cake like a boss!!!

*Please note, the serving size is a guide, it really depends on how generous you are with your portions.

** The mini cakes in the Cute Party Packs are two layers of cake and one filling layer.


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